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We provide training and help with certification of cloud solutions such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We advise on training paths for engineers, architects, tech leaders and managers.

To whom we address the service

The service is addressed to persons who embark on their cloud journey and want to quickly learn what the cloud actually is and what benefits it provides, as well as persons who are already familiar with some clouds and want to expand their knowledge. Cloud solutions are a relatively new area that is evolving at a rapid pace and being up to date with the changes is key to being able to navigate it with ease.

Scope of our support

We will advise you on the right training so that you get a solid dose of knowledge that you can use in your work to be an even better specialist or manager. You will then be invited to “lessons”.

Your benefits

A condensed, solid dose of knowledge on cloud solutions

Advice on training paths at various career levels

Preparation for certification in: GCP, AWS, Azure

A set of materials to which you can return after the training