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The project plan included the analysis of several dozen applications and almost 1500 elements, which were implemented in three months. A team of four Onwelo analysts worked on the project.

Our team was responsible for preparing the UML data flow diagrams concerning the clients' personal data processes in the client's IT systems and tools. Another task of our team was developing a full list of locations where such data is stored and processed for subsequent detailed analysis by the client's IT team.

A major challenge was the lack of full documentation of IT architecture and the lack of processes documentation for most of the business areas.

The detailed scope of tasks of our team included: an analysis of business processes and data processing applications, performed in cooperation with the client's IT team, as well as creating a list of them, along with an analysis of interfaces and data flow between applications. The scope of work also included the creation of UML use case diagrams for applications, as well as the development of process documentation with UML diagrams using the Enterprise Architect tool.