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The Hackathon started after working hours. After a short break, the entire Onwelo team in Katowice was ready for action. The application concept had been prepared. First of all, the issues related to selecting the technology and assigning the roles were addressed. Then the whole team got down to a few hours of intense work! With a break for…pizza and table football! :)

The hackathon participants developed an application supporting the settlement of bills generated by friends during a get-together. It was named The Biller and its purpose was to facilitate friends going out to a restaurant or pub or playing team sports and paying for these activities through one of the participants. The operating principle is simple: every person inputs all the amounts spent into the application, and The Biller sends an e-mail to all people concerned with details of the settlement and information as to whether money should be returned and to whom.

Nine people took part in the event. It took the hackathon participants 8 hours to complete the work. There was not enough time to complete the project, though, but this provides a reason to have another meeting to finish the work, which will probably happen soon!