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In the age of rapid technological advances, pursuing digitization of products and services and providing customers with business-efficient IT solutions is a necessary step for businesses looking to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Application testing is an indispensable part of this process. It allows you to provide your end-customer with a fully-fledged solution that eliminates business, reputation and legal risks.

Quality first

All Test Factory Center actions focus on providing highest quality tests within software delivery projects

From strategy to execution

Our testing approach helps control and manage each phase of the testing process effectively and on time

Full flexibility

We offer end-to-end, fully customized service that we provide across all industries

Verified expertise

Deep industry knowledge and the testing experience with proven methodology for test planning, preparation and execution of our experts is the perfect solution for a testing area

What is Test Factory Center?

The Test Factory Center is a testing center that delivers a dedicated suite of services for a complex and smooth testing process of your software. Our experience, tested operating model supported by the newest tools and utilization of automation allow for a more effective strategy for your company. The high quality of our testing process is confirmed by i.a. leading investment bank, Apteka Gemini and Unimot.

Our offer

System Integration Testing (SIT)

Evaluates the interoperability of modules/units

System Testing

Evaluates the behavior of the entire system including both its functional and non-functional requirements

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Executed to evaluate and ensure that the product meets the acceptance criteria for delivery to the user

Regression Testing

Determines the success of bug fixes and ensures that new problems are not caused and don't arise

Security / Performance Testing

Evaluates system performance against unauthorized internal or external access, tests the application under an expected configuration and load to estimate performance

Mobile Application Testing

Assessing the compliance between the Internet application and its mobile version, evaluating the compliance with functional and non-functional requirements

What is the power of test automation?

Test automation is the answer to the accelerating complexity of IT architecture and the reduction of time to market. It improves the testing process and it eliminates the risk associated with the implementation of IT solution that had not been tested. Leveraging out-of-the-box tools or building custom solution we are capable of automating test processes for front-end applications, CRMs, self-service systems, back office solutions.

Are you a business representative?

  • We will be fully responbile for the testing process of your software and its final outcome
  • We will improve the quality of your software
  • We will give you insight into how the test is conducted
  • We will provide a wide range of reports on the current test status and the progress/issues/risk associated with the testing

Are you an IT support specialist?

  • We guarantee full application stability
  • We provide software of higher quality for business (after IT tests)
  • We reduce the risk of any defects
  • We use a wide range of tools that support the tests: JIRA, HP ALM, Redmine, Mantis, TestLink, Selenium, JMeter We use test automation that reduces the long manual activities

Sebastian Kołaciński

Test Factory Business Unit Director

+48 735 919 700

Sebastian Kołaciński Test Factory Business Unit Director