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Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing industries in technological advancement, which influences ongoing development and a high level of wireless standards.

Innovative services and products in this sector very often are associated with industries such as banking, insurance, automotive or security. It aids telecommunication companies in the decision to adopt forthcoming changings as an independent technology and business partner.

Business industry

Telecommunication Operators

Telecommunication Operators

Telecommunications Services Providers

Telecommunications Services Providers

Cable Network Providers

Cable Network Providers

Solutions for the telecommunications industry


Multichannel solutions supporting sales, client relationship management, campaign management, directory offers, online products and e-care services

Business Support Systems

Project management and implementation of solutions that support procurement processes, client relationship management, invoicing and billing according to TM Forum best practices

Operations Support Systems

Project management and implementation of solutions that support functions related to activation services, network monitoring, team management as well as network resource management

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solutions as well as Big Data revenue control, anti-churn systems, Next Best Offer predictive mechanisms, fighting financial abuse and sentiment analysis

IT Services

IT infrastructure, insurance and data center services. Support in IT administration and consulting (audit, IT architecture, BCP and DRC preparations)

Dominik Fugiel

Telecommunications Business Unit Director

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