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In 4 weeks, Onwelo experts have automated the process of preparing export documentation at the organization. Our experts started from conducting a workshop introducing the UiPath technology and supported the company in procuring that technology. Then, the Intelligent Automation team analyzed the process in question, developed its documentation, prepared automation, conducted tests and carried out the deployment.

The implementation of an UiPath bot which automates the process has been successful. The deployment has significantly optimized one of company’s processes, which results in accelerating the work of Mercator Medical’s Customer Support Department by 3 hours a day.

“Such projects are the best proof that automation may contribute to accelerating organizational growth and solve the challenges related to a dynamically evolving market, even in such a difficult time.  We are happy to be able to accompany Mercator Medical in this journey” – informs Joanna Hoffmann, Intelligent Automation Project Manager, Onwelo.

Zespół Intelligent Automation

The solution checks whether export shipments have been shipped on a given day. After confirmation, it completes documentation and generates invoices and Stock Issue Confirmation documents in the PDF format from the ERP system. Then, the tool downloads activity confirmations related to VAT from the VIES system, procures copies of waybills and sends messages with information about collecting the shipment from the warehouse.

“We have treated the cooperation with Onwelo as a proof of concept in the area of Robotic Process Automation tools. Extensive technical and business knowledge of Onwelo consultants in the area of management, supervision and reporting mechanisms as well as IT tools made it possible to create a perfectly tailored intelligent automation solution. We plan to automate other business processes as well – says Tomasz Snoch, IT Director at Mercator Medical Group.”

The companies plan to continue cooperation in the area of maintaining the deployed solution. We are also getting prepared for next deployments. We have already conducted a workshop aimed at identify other processes at the company which offer automation potential.

Mercator Medical has been chosen from among the proposed organizations due to operating in the healthcare industry and its high commitment in fighting COVID-19. Its operations include producing single-use medical protective clothing. It has supported more than 55 institutions across the country in the fight against the virus, including hospitals, hospices and foundations, by providing them with gloves and safety masks. It also runs educational campaigns aimed at promoting the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate’s guidelines on how to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The initiative is addressed to both adults and children. The company has been selected also because of very good preparation of its representatives to present the process and due to the fact that the said solution could be implemented within a short time.

Mercator Medical