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Business Intelligence Onwelo


Business Intelligence

The Onwelo information management and analytics team helps its customers use data to guide business strategy, to support agile, change-responsive management and to optimise business results. We offer data warehousing, business analysis and advanced analytical solutions to help exploit the value of warehoused resources.

software solutions Onwelo


Software solutions

We develop our solutions according to proven standards for application building and using a broad range of advanced tools. Our technical solutions are very often based on products supplied by the IT market’s leading vendors, which further confirms the high quality of our software.

microservices Onwelo



We help clients create, implement, maintain and develop applications based on microservices architecture. This offers an alternative to the traditional, monolithic model. Each microservice is managed discretely by central automation tools, which injects tremendous flexibility into the application-building process and delivers numerous benefits to companies.

tax solutions Onwelo


Tax solutions

Onwelo’s team of experienced consultants, which combines IT and tax expertise, has devised advanced solutions to streamline the work of accounts and finance departments.

OnSecure Data Protection - GDPR - Onwelo


OnSecure Data Protection

Onwelo has a ready-made solution called OnSecure Data Protection, which enables you to adapt smoothly and efficiently to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on 25 May 2018.

Test Factory Onwelo


Test Factory

The Test Factory Center delivers a dedicated set of services for testing your software holistically and efficiently. Our experience, a proven operational model supported by advanced tools, the use of automation, and tests of proven quality combine to increase your company’s effectiveness.

IT Outsourcing Onwelo


IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing offers your organisation complete control of the IT infrastructure leaving you to focus on growing your company’s core business.

IT security Onwelo


IT security

Matched to a well-maintained IT policy, it ensures effective protection of your company’s IT resources, which translates into enhanced productivity and effectiveness.

IT monitoring Onwelo


IT monitoring

Continuous IT-infrastructure monitoring is the key to ensuring complete protection for your organisation’s IT security.



Data-processing services based on blockchain technology. We increase the value of products and services by taking advantage of one of the leading technologies on the IT market.