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As part of the established cooperation, Fyrklövern uses OnTax, which allows to prepare and send a monthly SAF-T VAT file, thus fulfilling the obligation imposed on all active registered taxpayers by the Ministry of Finance.

To meet the dynamically changing requirements of the legislator, the OnTax mobile application is constantly adjusted to the current legal changes on an ongoing basis by a team of experienced Onwelo specialists. The latest changes include adjustment of the application to the new SAF-T VAT file valid from 1 January 2022 and to the latest version of the SAF-T VAT invoices structure which shall be valid from 1 April 2022.

Fyrklövern is a Swedish family business that has been operating since 1974 – a leader in the sale of exclusive premium products such as porcelain, cutlery, glassware and home decor. Present for 48 years in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and for 8 years in Poland and Hungary.

OnTax is a dedicated SAF-T reporting platform that allows you to collect the necessary data, test it and generate the appropriate structures as required by the tax authorities. The solution is independent of the source systems and fully integrates with them. See our website for more information.