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ERP systems are still playing a crucial role in modern and well-organized companies. Having a technology and business partner that will help at all stages, from the conceptual work up to the industrialization phase, is extremely important. We deliver your ideas and we do it successfully. Implementing the ERP solution does not have to be lengthy and costly. The process simply has to be carefully planned and successfully executed bearing in mind the relevant business objectives and requirements. 

Migration to SAP S/4HANA

We help organizations to move from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA

From a plan to its implementation

We help customers in ERP project planning by delivering our unique and proven approach based on SAP project management practices

Business objectives

Our approach during the project execution heavily relies on customers' objectives. We make sure that our operations are always connected with business requirements

Proven expertise

Our SAP consultants are experienced, and they know industry-related processes. We provide both business and technical insights that are critical to the project’s success. We are always dedicated and willing to go the extra mile

How did it start?

Onwelo is one of the very first companies in Poland that decided to run its business based on SAP S/4HANA. During the project execution, we realized that this reliable and comprehensive platform can be offered to our customers as part of our own service. The experience we have gained so far combined with our skillset and company profile is the perfect match for all customers who are looking for a reliable and ambitious SAP partner.

Our offer

ABAP as a service

We have several years of experience in coding in ABAP, including in the SAP HANA area


We help companies to roll out their global SAP solutions to the local markets


We love sharing knowledge. We help companies to learn ABAP programming and to take their first steps using SAP modules

Process automation

Will you hire a robot? Why not? Such a solution can help to implement processes in the SAP system

SAP integration

Do you struggle with making your SAP talking to other systems? We know how to effectively and thoroughly learn how your ERP system operates. We do projects in SAP PI/PO but we are not limited to these

Mobile solutions and portals

Do you want to expose your data hosted in SAP to your internal and external consumers? Making this happen is easy, but doing it right and in an attractive way is far more of a challenge. One we love taking on!

Process optimization

Everything is subject to change. Everything is moving. Your processes have to be redesigned and optimized at the same time. We know how to do it!

SAP maintenance

Every solution needs to be maintained. The decision of who to work with is always driven by factors like experience, quality, reliability, accuracy and SLA. We do deliver them in a comprehensive package

Why is the choice of SAP partner important?

SAP projects are very different from other IT-related projects. They are organized around business objectives and business requirements, driven by experienced consultants who know industry processes very well in order to deliver optimized solutions, and those who know the SAP platform thoroughly are able to reflect and configure all these processes in a reliable and stable software world, orchestrating all these according to well-known project management standards. It is good to bear all this in mind while choosing SAP partner.

Do you represent a business?

  • We help in optimizing business processes
  • We provide cost-cutting support
  • We adapt the SAP system to new process areas
  • We share our experience in S/4HANA as a reliable SAP partner

Do you represent an IT support department?

  • We implement rollout projects
  • We help in making a plan for the project
  • We work according to industry standards
  • We share our experience in SAP HANA
  • We know RPA solutions for SAP
  • We provide support in ABAP programming and interfaces optimization
  • We optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)