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The SAP Invoice Management tool streamlines the processing of large volumes of cost invoices in every enterprise. To facilitate the processing of such a document, it should first be scanned to create a digital version. After scanning, the OpenText software automatically recognizes specific items from the invoice and performs appropriate validations. At this stage, the user may manually make changes or enter additional data. This way, the invoices are sent directly to the system. SAP Invoice Management

The SAP solution, in addition to automatic invoice accounting, also enables their efficient management with user panels (it is possible to build an interface using Fiori technology) and cost-acceptance paths designed in the form of a workflow. The invoice is sent directly to the person responsible for analysis, acceptance, and payment.
SAP Invoice Management
The implementation of SAP Invoice Management optimizes the costs of registering invoices, increases the speed of process handling, improves relations with suppliers, and improves acceptance processes and the flow of payments within the company. Pawel Maternia, SAP Junior Consultant at Onwelo is responsible for the services area within the SAP Invoice Management solution.

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