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SAP is an integrated IT system based on ERP business models. Thanks to its coherent and integrated design, system operators have access to data from various areas of the company's operations: purchasing, manufacturing, sales, finances, etc. This solution enables users to have full control over the company’s business processes.

The SAP system is a solution that, in addition to its high degree of integration, communicates very well with other systems, such as banking systems and solutions, production control and planning solutions, mobile solutions and customer portals, data warehouses, distribution solutions and dealer networks, etc. Onwelo has extensive experience in many of these areas.

“The decision to expand the services we offer came about following discussions with our clients, who are satisfied with their partnership with Onwelo and are interested in the possibility of our specialists developing their SAP systems. Our skills and vast experience are crucial elements to our success and ensure that SAP projects are implemented effectively says –Mirosław Sołowiej, SAP Business Unit Director at Onwelo.”

SAP solutions are almost always related to the global operation of a given enterprise. It is very rare that a company has more than one instance of an SAP system supporting the same process, for example local or foreign sales. It is usually one system in which entities are configured, even from different countries, and the flexibility of the SAP system allows for efficient operation within a single process, even if each of them is unique to some extent. Businesses that request the development or maintenance of a process as part of an SAP solution do so in relation to the entire system and for the whole process, where physical boundaries do not apply.

The keys to designing and implementing an SAP system are the skills of consultants in the industry in which the enterprise operates, the technical knowledge of standard solutions offered by SAP, and the creativity of the project staff, which is characterized by their ability to create simple but complete and cost-effective additional solutions outside the SAP standard.

Mirosław Sołowiej

The SAP team at Onwelo led by Mirosław Sołowiej consists of basis consultants, i.e. physical layer specialists (covering server and system installation), modular consultants, specialist staff who know specific industry and process solutions, and ABAP developers who are fluent in the programming language native to SAP.

More information about Onwelo’s SAP services can be found on our website