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In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance, from July 1st, 2016 all tax payers shall generate a consistent SAF-T file. 

The new regulations also require that all companies adjust their IT systems before they start reporting a wide range of data. Onwelo answers the needs of Polish entrepreneurs and supports them during the complex process of organizing the company so that it generates SAF-T structures and communicates with the Ministry of Finance.

In 2018, SAF-T will be obligatory for all groups of entrepreneurs. From July 1st, 2016 on the reporting process affects big entrepreneurs. From July 1st, 2018, every entrepreneur in Poland will be obliged to report data in the form of a SAF-T file.


OnTax is a dedicated reporting SAF-T platform which enables collecting necessary data, testing and generating the proper structures according with the tax authority regulations. This is an independent solution that is fully compatible with its source systems. It is mainly dedicated for:

  • Large entrepreneurships
  • Medium and small entrepreneurships
  • Banks
  • Accounting offices

Find out about our functionalities

Modern platform

Available for desktop and mobile

Safe login

To secure your data

Special platform

Service model (cloud) or local model


With various sources and types of data


At every stage of the report generating process

Data verification


Creating one’s own mapping


Ability to access and edit the imported data


Cyclical reporting or generating reports on demand


Exporting reports to supervisory authorities


Converting reports to .xml


Repository of reports: viewing and downloading a chosen file is available

Cooperation models

Before you get started

OnTax can be installed on your in-house server or used as a service (SaaS). No matter which option you choose, your company can always be sure of constant updates and full compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance.

What’s next?

  • Business analysis based on data identification within Financial Accounting Systems i.e.: SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft, Dynamics AX
  • Formulating IT solutions in order to obtain data that generates SAF-T
  • Implementing a solution based on a dedicated OnTax platform
  • Managing correspondence with the Ministry of Finance and the file repository
  • Data analysis to uncover areas that may require adapting various processes in the company
  • Application management and ensuring its compliance with the changing rules and regulations
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Tax Solutions Team Leader

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Karol Potocki Tax Solutions Team Leader