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We will provide cloud migration support for regulated markets such as finance, banking, healthcare, insurance and telecommunications. We will provide direction and prepare a migration plan that complies with regulatory requirements, as well as ensure that your data is safely stored in the cloud.

To whom we address the service?

Moving to the cloud isn’t just a technology issue, it’s often also a big challenge in terms of formal requirements, especially if you operate in markets covered by standards, regulations and formal directives.

If you belong to this group and you would like to direct your steps towards the cloud, but you do not know whether the cloud will allow you to meet your requirements, we will be happy to advise you on the most optimal solution.

Scope of our support

We’ll verify that the formal guidelines you’re bound by are feasible within the cloud, and then show you how the migration should be designed to accommodate them. We will develop a migration plan, a cost estimate, and a work schedule. Finally, we’ll help you put the changes into action.

Your benefits

Partner with a strong focus on your regulatory requirements (especially GDPR)

Consulting and preparation for audit by supervisory organizations (ISO 27001, TISAX)

Advice on storing and processing data in the cloud in a secure and compliant manner

Supporting the modification of internal security procedures