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Cloud Competence Center participants have already completed three months of training based primarily on the Google Cloud Platform. Hours spent reviewing documentation, getting acquainted with training materials, and completing assignments using most popular cloud resources brought the desired result. Adam, Artur, Konrad, Michał and Yauheni have successfully obtained the first of the certificates, i.e. Associate Cloud Engineer!

The entire program is supervised by Sebastian Frankiewicz. In addition to the training, in order to systematize knowledge, a series of lectures introducing the subject matter was conducted, through which participants learned about version control, keys, encryption, Linux, and broad network topics.

In addition, participants honed their Kubernetes, which combined with Python allowed them to become even more familiar with the capabilities of GCP resources. And all under the guidance of Mateusz Dzierzęcki.

In December, the next phase began for Cloud Competence Center participants – preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect certification. With educational materials and a lot of motivation, they aim to become an architect soon. More workshops are also waiting for them. There will be a series of lectures — this time on topics intended for future architects. Paweł Kalarus will conduct training courses on technology: Terraform, Ansible, CI/CD (GitLab), as well as introduce the topic of infrastructure monitoring.

Further results from these educational efforts are expected soon! :)