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The exam was preceded by several months of preparation by participating engineers. In February 2021, they began working with Onwelo on a cloud solutions competence center. During the first three months, they gained theoretical knowledge and carried out tasks prepared by mentors as part of the program. After that, they took their first Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam and successfully completed it.

The next two months are about trying to translate the knowledge and skills gained into practice. Three participants were involved in external projects and two were involved in internal projects. They all successfully turned their competencies into results in project work, familiarized themselves with standards, put good practices into practice, faced real challenges, and collaborated with other team members and the client to develop the best solutions. Thus, they prepared for the next stage of certification and today they can boast the title of Google Cloud Architect.

Both exams required a lot of preparation. The Professional Cloud Architect certification tests both the technical aspect and the business approach needed for projects. Ahead of them is an even higher level of involvement in commercial projects. As graduates of the program, they also have the opportunity to participate in the next edition of the Cloud Competence Center as mentors or lecturers.

Both the competencies gained and the certifications obtained attest to the success of the program.

“From the perspective of the originator of Onwelo Cloud Competence Center, the most gratifying fact is that in a relatively short period of time, 6 months, we have gained a team of fully qualified architects who are ready to support the company in the implementation of future projects – says Rafał Głąb, founder of OCCC.”

Onwelo Cloud Competence Center is a professional development center in the area of cloud technology, which was created in response to the dynamic development of cloud solutions. Participants can count on a proprietary curriculum and work on real-world business projects.

Recruitment for the second edition is in progress – join us!

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