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We will assess the readiness of your organization to move to the cloud. Most importantly, we will advise you and define relevant steps and activities required to perform the digital transformation in the most effective manner. Subsequently, we will help you carry them out.

To whom we address the service

Do you know that the digital transformation — and moving to the cloud — creates a lot of added value for your organization? Do you understand the benefits of the migration? Are you convinced that having a secure and efficient infrastructure can give you peace of mind and competitive advantage? Do you want to use the best possible approach to achieve these goals? That’s great, because our service is aimed exactly at you!

We have created this service to help you easily prepare your organization for the transition. You have to redefine several aspects of your business and develop a new perspective and new ways of doing things, so that the use of the cloud is as efficient as possible and translates into even better achievement of business goals, and provides you with the tools to verify the results of work.

Scope of our support

We will show you how to prepare your organization for the transition by defining and implementing relevant standards, guidelines, and model of work. We will support you in your transition to an agile organization model. The goal is to maintain Business Continuity based on the cloud infrastructure. We will help you prepare the transition plan that you may implement on your own or seek our advice based on experience.      


Contents of the plan

Recommended team reorganization

Definition of employees’ roles and skills

Determining training paths for the employees at each organizational level

KPIs and their evaluation models

Definition of processes aimed mainly at administrators and DevOps teams

Main tasks and responsibilities for the relevant job positions

Tools required to implement the transition and used after the implementation

Business Continuity Plan

Your benefits

Seamless and well-planned preparation for the digital transformation

Step-by-step guidance in an area that is new for the organization

Identification of any gaps that should be closed

Enhancing team skills

Savings through resource and process optimization

Increased employee satisfaction thanks to new technologies