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They are learning and working with the Intelligent Automation team, in which they have access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies as well as comprehensive training platforms. During the two-month period, the internship participants will learn the process of building automation solutions and creating bots. Upon completion of their internship, they will be familiar with at least one intelligent process automation tool. They will also learn the approach to automation projects and the basics of business process analysis for automation. During the internship, the participants can count on the support of mentors from the Intelligent Automation team – Joanna Hoffmann and Maria Raczkiewicz – who will watch over their development path.

“We put emphasis on the development of our competencies in the Intelligent Automation area in order to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. The students can count on the transfer of such high-quality knowledge based on the latest global trends. An internship at a fast-growing Polish IT company like Onwelo is also in line with the idea of the university – education in the spirit of intercultural diversity – says Joanna Hoffmann, Intelligent Automation Manager at Onwelo, mentor and supervisor of the internship.”

Participation in the program is not only a boost of knowledge and skills, but also an opportunity to get to know the new work environment and culture of a European organization.

“The internship at Onwelo, unlike my previous student or volunteer experiences, allowed me to get to know the work environment and gave me a chance to establish valuable professional contacts. For me – just like in an academic setting – it is an opportunity to work creatively among friendly and like-minded people. My time here has reminded me of the importance of shaping the position of women in the business community by encouraging them to take on engaging and innovative tasks and leadership roles” – says Sharika Tasnim, one of the internship participants.

Współpraca z Azjatyckim Uniwersytetem dla Kobiet

For the students of the Asian University for Women, the internship is also a chance to develop intercultural dialog skills and an experience that opens up opportunities for further development in an international environment.

“One of the missions of Asian University for Women is to educate female students to become motivated and effective service-oriented professionals, leaders, and citizens. The partnership with Onwelo has opened the path of improving skills and learning about the world of business and technology for the students of our university. This experience perfectly fits the university’s mission and supports the idea of pushing women into leadership positions in all professional areas” – says Maliha Kabir, an internship participant.

Asian University for Women is an independent international university located in Chittagong (Ćottogram), Bangladesh. It has been operating since 2008 and provides quality education in both humanities and science. The university educates women in the spirit of cross-cultural understanding and sustainable human and economic development in Asia and around the world. The university educates over 1,000 women from more than 18 countries, 35 ethnic groups, speaking 25 languages, with diverse religious beliefs and world views. The same number of women have already graduated from the university. More information can be found on the university's website