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Every company in Poland is obliged to check the VAT status of its contractors. The amendment to VAT regulations gives the right to remove taxpayers from the register without notice.

From January 1st, 2017 executives have removed tens of thousands taxpayers from the register.

Make sure your contractors are still registered.

VATchecker is an easy to use solution which allows you to check if the subjects you cooperate with are registered as VAT payers.


Collective checklist of the contractors’ current VAT status

the VAT identification numbers are imported in a spreadsheet

Downloadable credible database

będących wynikiem sprawdzenia podatników VAT

Generating a complex report that includes

• The VAT status or the information about a wrong VAT identification number

• Information about the inquiry, i.e. time and date of the inquiry as well as its identifier which is a technical sign that is proof of a certain contractor's VAT status verification.

• Name and address of the contractor 

Convenient access to data repository

that includes the entire history of incoming reports along with the possibility to filter search results

Why VATchecker?
You will avoid sanctions for unauthorized:

VAT deduction

VAT deduction

Application of the 0% VAT rate with regard to the intra-Community supply of goods

Application of the 0% VAT rate with regard to the intra-Community supply of goods

Reverse charge mechanism application

Reverse charge mechanism application

VATchecker folder
VATchecker folder

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