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The growth of the pharmaceutical industry goes hand in hand with the development of new technologies used in research, advancement and the distribution of new medicines. 

Our dedicated IT systems improve data access, enable a comprehensive data analysis and substantially increase the effectiveness of pharmaceutical companies. In the process of creating our solutions, we focus on meeting the fundamental industry standards included in system regulations.

Personalized solutions

At first, we work with you to understand the goals of your lab. We also fine-tune your solution to fit your lab’s unique workflows. Then, we proceed with implementation and validation. Afterwards, we’re always here to help you with any question you might have.

Regulatory and QC knowledge

We adhere to industry standards, laws and regulations included in practice quality guidelines like: GAMP5, cGxP, ICH, EMA, FDA, ISO 9001, HL7.

Industry expertise

We are experienced in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry. We help achieve the goals related with data management and turn challenges into a steady growth of your business.

Pharmaceutical solutions

Research and development

Onwelo OnDevelopment is the first solution made of complementary modules that support every stage of drug manufacturing based on the Quality by Design (QbD) concept

Maintenance and quality assurance

The Onwelo OnQuality platform is a complex solution supporting quality assurance and control

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs & pharmacovigilance

The Onwelo OnRegulatory platform is a Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution supporting supply chain management as well as pharmaceutical regulatory affairs

Production and supply chain management

The Onwelo OnOperations platform enables Track&Trace as well as serialization management

Sales and marketing

The Onwelo OnCommerce platform improves and affects the effectiveness of sales and marketing processes