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Registered at Petersstraße 50 in Leipzig, Onwelo GmbH will enable us to expand our presence in DACH countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It follows the opening of an office in Lucerne, Switzerland, aimed at building long-term relations with clients from that area. The Leipzig branch will enable us to directly contact prospects in Germany, in addition to contacts already established in Switzerland where we implement projects for companies from that area. As a result of these actions, we will be perceived as a professional partner who is present and available onsite. We also plan to hire experts from the area, who will work in the newly established branch.

“We want to be a company which offers German-speaking clients direct support and guarantees the performance of works not only remotely, but also onsite, by a team which we will gradually expand – says Dominik Koryciorz, Business Development Manager DACH.”

The choice of Leipzig as a location was dictated by wide possibilities offered by that city. Having built relations with companies from that area, we already have an established position there. We also receive support from the city with respect to developing business relations. It is an important technology innovation hub, and our portfolio of IT services and solutions for a range of industries will certainly fit well into that.

When building our DACH development strategy, we decided to address our activities to selected industries:   insurance, finance, banking, communications and manufacturing. This scope also includes companies offering cloud solutions. In the first stage, we will focus on offering Intelligent Automation solutions which automate processes at companies and significantly improve business operations. Then, we plan to gradually expand the areas of cooperation with clients depending on their needs.

As part of promoting our portfolio in DACH markets, we have developed a professional website in German, which will help us to become a recognizable IT solutions provider. We have also launched a series of webinars addressed to particular sectors. We have already conducted the first webinar, for the insurance industry. In March, we plan yet another event, this time for experts from the manufacturing sector.

We also monitor offers related to participation in conferences, fairs, and industry webinars – all in order to learn about the market expectations and strengthen our presence.  Moreover, we cooperate with organizations of manufacturers and service providers in DACH countries. We are regularly invited to meetings which are an opportunity to build valuable business relations. In addition, we plan to conduct communication on LinkedIn and Xing focused on selected areas and competences.

The effects of these actions and opening the Onwelo branch in Germany will enable us to dynamically grow and quickly start implementing projects for companies from that region.