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Thanks to this new status, our clients can count on the support of a highly qualified Intelligent Automation team implementing projects consistent with the UiPath vision and in accordance with the best market practices in the field of robotizing business processes (RPA).

At Onwelo, we are responsible for creating solutions based on this technology, for the distribution of licenses and the provision of consulting and advisory services. State-of-the-art software combined with the extensive technical and business knowledge of our consultants enable us to deliver fully tailored solutions in the area of Intelligent Automation.

The level of technological advancement developed at Onwelo and the multiple years of experience of our experts have enabled us to develop the best analytical and development practices. This allows us to implement low-cost, failure-resistant and easy to maintain and develop bots in enterprises that support people in their daily work and are capable of performing entire, even complex processes. This results in greater scalability in the production process and a significant increase in efficiency.

“Joining the UiPath Service Network confirms the highest quality of services provided by Onwelo and will allow us to effectively support our clients in the automation of repetitive tasks and increase the efficiency of the entire company – said Piotr Siciak, Intelligent Automation Executive Director at Onwelo.”
UiPath — a renowned brand on the business process automation market, which provides high-class products in this area. It is currently valued at USD 10.2 billion and has over 7,000 organizations in its customer portfolio. It is also one of the 2-3 fastest growing technology companies in the world.

UiPath Certified Professional Services