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Rowerowa Polska is a free service that shows information about where and how far Poles go when they ride their bikes. It employs data gathered via Foundation during successive editions of Kręć Kilometry po technologię and data from other open sources available in Poland. Information gathered on more than two-and-a-half million individual journeys has made it possible to draw heat maps of many places in Poland. They show who cycles and where and when they do so.

Rowerowa Polska desktop
“Our users have ridden 38,981,816 kilometres over the six years the Kręć Kilometry po technologię social campaign has been running. Using our own data, as well as open source data available on the Internet, we created a unique tool for local government, cycling organisations and individual cyclists. “It is all there free of charge on our dashboard so that everybody can take advantage of what we already know about our cycling trips” said Krzysztof Śpiewek, who is a member of the executive board of Allegro All for Planet.”

The website was constructed with local government and cycling organisations in mind. The idea was for them to use the data to improve the design and analysis of cycling infrastructure in Poland. Individual cyclists, who benefit from a new tool that makes leading an active lifestyle easier, make up another user group.

The site’s major functionality allows users to check the volume of cycling traffic and find information on cycling infrastructure, such as parking, repair stations and cycling shops. The site also informs cyclists of interesting events and initiatives.

Rowerowa Polska mobile

“The scope of the site’s functionality and the data it has gathered opens up a broad space for experimentation, research and infrastructure development. We built a tool that makes a cycling map of Poland available and displays cycling statistics. It also allows users to add notifications of breakdowns or collisions on a map and to make their APIs available. The site is helping to create a cycling community and represents a big step towards making Poland a cyclist-friendly country” – said Maciej Rzeźnik, Regional Managing Director at Onwelo.

The foundation has announced that it will be adding to the service. It wants to encourage young programmers to get involved by designing new and useful functionality for the site during hackathons. Two have already taken place in Poznań and Warsaw. And another is scheduled soon for Lublin.

Please visit the site Rowerowa Polska.