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For several years we have been exchanging experiences and knowledge with Brainhint as well as improving the competences of our teams. Now we are entering a stage of more formal collaboration. Thanks to the established partnership, we can operate in different technological areas, offer a wider range of services, and reach more sectors. In doing so, we aim to grow both companies as much as possible.

“Our teams complement each other’s competencies perfectly while not competing. This enables us to offer more value to clients – says Michał Forystek, co-founder of Brainhint.”

At Onwelo, we focus on software development, Data & Analytics and Intelligent Automation solutions, among others. We place a strong emphasis on leveraging cloud technologies. Brainhint supports the digitization of companies by creating systems based on early stage technologies using AI, RPA, blockchain and cloud technologies.

“Not only do the competencies of our teams complement each other perfectly. The group of recipients to whom we address our offer is also expanding. Striving to meet the needs of the IT market and helping customers from various industries grow – these are our common goals, which we will try to pursue step by step” – says Grzegorz Mika, Head of Delivery & Managing Director, Onwelo.

At Onwelo, we specialize in developing IT solutions for banking, finance, insurance, FMCG, industry, automotive and telecommunications. Brainhint also has a proven track record of case studies from pharmacy, e-commerce, retail or public sector. The combination of experiences gained across such a wide range of sectors allows us to reach more companies wanting to pursue the digital development of their businesses.