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We started our work for this organization by migrating some of its services to the cloud, handling selected IT areas and providing administrative support for some of the systems. We took these systems into custody, moving them to the Vodeno Cloud Platform, based on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), and subsequently started a maintenance service.

Aion Bank puts enough confidence in us to entrust us with more and more areas for which we take full responsibility. Other services include issues such as IT security and IT monitoring. We look forward to expanding our collaboration to develop a platform based on another cloud technology.

“We are committed to high quality in all the work we perform. We strive to tailor specific services to your needs, support you in choosing your environment, taking care of efficiency and security, and combine these services with the Vodeno Cloud Platform infrastructure. We see ourselves in the role of an integrator, a company that watches over the security of the client and their data – says Rafał Głąb, IT Services Director at Onwelo.”

Aion Bank is already using solutions developed with our participation and provides its customers with convenient and safe digital banking in several European countries, and recently also in Poland. We are committed to the growth plans of a company that has gained considerable publicity in the FinTech industry.

With the growing number of areas we are working on at Aion Bank, our need to grow the team and acquire new competencies to deliver projects for this client is increasing. We plan to build a team consisting of narrowly specialized experts in various fields. Thanks to that we will create an ideal environment for people who want to develop, gain knowledge from the best, and learn thanks to the diversity of platforms, technologies used, available operating systems or databases.

This opens the door to more projects, inspires us to develop and act in a way that will bring real support both to our client – Aion Bank, and to more companies active in technology and business.

Aion Bank