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Every year, Test Magazine publishes a list of 20 companies that stand out in the field of software testing and improving the quality of IT systems, thus affecting the business growth of their clients. The environments of enterprises specializing in software testing are very dynamic. The guide was created for companies that are seeking a suitable testing provider. Test Magazine features organizations that provide the highest quality services and products. The final list constitutes a group of partners that are worth recommending, and we have the pleasure of being among them.

Test Factory Center is an Onwelo test center that provides a dedicated set of services for comprehensive and efficient software testing. Experience, a proven operational model supported by a number of state-of-the-art tools and the use of automation help increase the strategic effectiveness of every enterprise. The high quality of the tests is confirmed by a number of successfully completed projects, which you can read about in the case studies published on our website. Being placed among the leading testing providers confirms the efforts of the Test Factory Center team to achieve the highest quality services and is recognition of the full professionalism of its operations.

Test Magazine was created for professionals in the field of software testing. It reaches readers in Europe, the United States and South Asia. Test Magazine has been published biweekly since 2007. Its reliable and objective approach to the presentation of the environment gives a full picture, thanks to which Test Magazine was recognized as the leading magazine in its industry. Its publisher focuses on searching for new ways to reach the target audience, influencing the efficiency of their work, and thus the dynamic development of the environment as a whole.