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We help define the processes and simplify reporting tasks.

We help companies adapt to regulatory requirements, provide them with business knowledge and modern IT tools.


We offer a reporting platform that meets the needs of the latest regulations for:

  • Investment fund companies
  • Alternative investment companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Other entities on the capital market


Various ways of loading data

Automatic procedures and manual interfaces controlled by the user

Verification and data entry

Action from the system level

Data validation

Validation in accordance with a verified model

Efficient transformation mechanism

Guarantee of efficient estimations

Report repository

And archive access

Process monitoring

Quick access to the list of tasks and simple management

​Consistent updates in terms of regulatory changes

The latest version of the report is always handy

Our solutions

OnReporting Converter

You quickly check the report and convert it to a required file format. With this application you can not only validate reports but also convert them to formats in compliance with the ESMA and KNF requirements.

OnReporting Creator

You generate reports by yourself. Thanks to this application, you can go through the entire process of generating reports yourself. You simply receive the data and generate the report in the proper format that complies with the regulatory requirements.

OnReporting Service

You provide us with data, we prepare the report. This service is done by our experts at Onwelo based on source data. Your own systems and tools are not required.


Our platform is available in the Cloud model which allows for greater mobility and convenience in using without the need for local installation. This also enables cost and working time optimization.

Secure access – our verified mechanisms enable data transfers and access control.

Additionally, the user interface of the platform is simple and intuitive.

Bartosz Czyż

Business Unit Director

+48 735 919 800