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Our objective is to design an AI-based IT platform to support the diagnostic imaging of lung and liver tumors via CT and MRI scans. The tool will allow us to automate the process of tumor segmentation, detection, classification, measurement and description.

Once implemented, the solution is expected to streamline the work of radiologists, boost efficiency, and reduce the frequency of medical errors. The platform will improve the diagnostic process, cutting the need for retesting caused by ambiguous results or a wrong contrast medium by as much as 25%. It will also reduce the waiting times for patients.

The platform will be fit for use by public and private healthcare facilities that specialize in CT and MRI testing in Poland and beyond, including diagnostic imaging centers, emergency rooms, and hospitals, but also private radiology practices.

“The solution attests to our high tech potential. It aligns us with current trends in the innovation market and helps us support preventive healthcare programs”, says Michał Ciach, Program Manager at Onwelo, who is responsible for the project.”

The concept stage of the project brings together Onwelo experts and scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, as well as doctors and researchers from the University Hospital in Kraków.