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White list is intended to facilitate verification of business partners. It will provide information on VAT status (including data currently available in separate registers, i.e. the so-called gray and black lists), valid bank account numbers and inquiry ID numbers.

The register is to be updated once a day (every business day), and obtaining information will be possible for a selected day, up to 5 years preceding the year in which the entity is being checked.

Adaptation of IT systems or modification of processes are introduced in order to avoid sanctions related to the deduction of input VAT from an unregistered entity for VAT purposes and in connection with making a transfer to an account other than that indicated in the discussed database.

We are preparing an extension for entities using SAP, thanks to which the verification of a partner and its data will be carried out efficiently and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulations. We are also working on introducing new functionalities in VATchecker.

You can find more information on these areas on our website – SAP and VATchecker.