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The security of your business largely depends on effective it infrastructure monitoring, IT security and business applications. Event tracking, the analysis of these data and the right interpretation are key to immediate identification of malfunctions and technical breakdowns before these issues become more serious.

Monitoring system




Automated environmental monitoring system

A fully automated environmental monitoring system and the expertise of our team will guarantee full compatibility between networks, servers and IT processes at your company.

  •  Service availability monitoring

  • Platform effectiveness testing

  • Analysis of intermittent loads

  • Templates that enable the verification of service availability

  • Analysis of normative behavior and the monitoring of deviations from presumptive values

  • IT security monitoring of the platform


Thanks to the service that transmits cyclical reports about the state of infrastructure you will be constantly informed about the hazards and security vulnerabilities at your company. What does it include?

  • Comprehensive information about the monitored parameters.

  • Reliability estimates based on the information about available resources

  • Server availability statistics

  • Platform expansion recommendations

  • Information about IT security violations and any other policy inconsistencies

Reported areas and parameters

Server infrastructure

  • Resources (CPU load, memory utilization, disc occupancy)
  • Log analysis (translation and interpretation)
  • Future needs analysis

Network infrastructure

  • Port usage
  • Medium/maximum inbound/outbound
  • Bottleneck detection
  • Log analysis

Application platforms

  • Availability, productivity, load
  • Correct functionality of features
  • URL visit frequency


  • Server infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure
  • Telecommunication links

IT infrastructure change analysis

  • System reconfiguration
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Software updates

IT security

  • Servers, network
  • Operational systems, databases
  • Virus activity
  • Applications






Indsutry and services

Indsutry and services

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