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Your business’s security rests heavily on effective monitoring of IT-infrastructure, IT-security and business applications. Continuous event-monitoring and analysis combined with correct interpretation is the key to detecting faults and interruptions in system operation before they become a source of serious threats.

Monitoring system




Automated system for IT environment monitoring

Our fully automated system for IT environment monitoring and the expert knowledge of our team will ensure the continuous operation of networks, servers and IT processes in your company.

  • Service availability monitoring
  • Testing the hardware performance of the platform
  • Ongoing workload analysis
  • Implementation of dedicated monitoring templates used to verify the availability of selected services
  • Analysis of normative behaviour and monitoring deviations from the adopted values
  • Monitoring the security of IT platforms


Thanks to providing regular reports on the status of your IT infrastructure, you will be kept informed about new threats to and vulnerabilities within your company. What does the report contain?

  • Full information on the monitored infrastructure
  • Reliability estimates based on information on available resources
  • A report on the availability of servers, services and applications being monitored
  • Recommendations regarding optimisations or upgrades of the platform used
  • Notifications about registered security anomalies

Reported areas and parameters

Server infrastructure

  • Resource utilisation (CPU, RAM, storage, network traffic)
  • Analysis of system and application logs

Network infrastructure

  • Statistics on the utilisation of used ports
  • Network traffic utilisation
  • Detecting bottlenecks in the infrastructure
  • Correlation of diagnostic information from network devices
  • Analysis of network device logs

Sectoral applications





Industry and services

Industry and services

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