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The financial services sector is a dynamically developing market that new technologies have to keep up with. Onwelo offers solutions that are tailored to individual consumer needs, from integration projects, to mobile apps and various other IT solutions that allow for the execution of certain tasks. 

We are flexible in creating a personalized offer with a priority to adapt our services to the expected results. Our experts from the banking, capital and insurance markets have proven their expertise in designing, mapping out and implementing IT systems and integration services.

Biznes areas


We offer solutions for the internet banking platform, the web, mobile apps and complex reporting platforms

Capital markets

We specialize in business process management and investment consulting tools


We offer advisory services, reporting platforms and domain systems that automate the processes and communication flow between market regulators and end customers


Digital Transformation

We support companies on every stage of digital transformation.


Designing and the development of non-standard solutions dedicated for mobile operation systems.

Web Applications

Designing and development of flexible and scalable internet applications (SPA or multi-layer architecture)


Implementing business process management systems for: mortgages, loans, investments and insurance sales processes, internal consistency as well as process management


Delivering modern and individual advisory tools that support the sales processes and improve processes in selected sectors

Credit Process Support

Preparing a set of complex services that support credit card processes

IT Services

Delivering services for IT infrastructure and data security

​User Experience

Formulating plans for reporting services that are used to improve the regulations for banks and investment companies

Regulatory Reporting

Designing easy to use mobile apps that create a friendly user experience


Delivering manufacturing services and implementing software ordered according with safety regulations that focus on quality assurance

Grzegorz Mika

Software Solutions, Managing Director

+48 735 919 900