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We will improve your organization's performance and accelerate time-to-market for your products and services thanks to Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment solutions. It is a way to improve the quality of your products, as well as minimize the risk of implementation errors.

To whom we address the service

Nobody likes to make mistakes, because every mistake means a waste of money. There are different methods to eliminate errors, or at least significantly reduce their number, and one of them is to automate the quality assurance processes related to the software being developed, as well as the testing and deployment of individual application versions in relevant environments with correct configurations.

If you need to make quick changes to products and applications that are the basis of your business and make them available to your customers and partners, you can do so based on automated CI/CD manufacturing processes.

If you still do not have CI/CD processes in place, we can show you how to implement them and how to manage them effectively. If you use CI/CD processes on the daily basis, we can verify them and develop a plan for their optimization or migration to the cloud. There is nothing more satisfying for the developers, DevOps experts and administrators than improvement of their working conditions, which translates into faster completion of performed tasks.

Scope of our support

When providing this service, we will check what CI/CD processes have been implemented in your organization. Then, we will evaluate them and develop the plan of their optimization, completing with QA automation or migration to the cloud. You will set goals for your release processes for new product versions. If you do not have such processes in place, we can advise you on their desired structure. We can select appropriate tools and technologies for your organization, to make the work of your team as easy as possible.

When developed, the plan can be implemented using your own resources and/or with the help of our experienced professionals.



Operational support

Incident handling

  • Quick problem isolation and resolution; providing first, second and third line of support using best practices based on ITIL v3
  • Responsibility for the operation of each platform element, ensuring reliability and full efficiency; support of processes according to the Managed Services model, in 24/7 mode
  • Readiness to implement changes resulting from the client's needs and the emergence of new business requirements
  • Ticket generated by the Monitoring System or the customer
  • Automatic ticket registration in the system
  • Ticket handling by the Service Desk
  • Verification and attempt to solve the problem, with possible escalation to the second line of support
  • Verification of the problem solution with the customer by the Service Desk
  • Validation of the solution
  • Entering information about the problem solution in the ticket system and closing the ticket


  • Comprehensive platform monitoring, including proactive monitoring
  • Implementation of mechanisms responsible for controlling individual elements and a notification system based on smart rules
  • Convenient visualization of monitoring results within understandable dashboards

Administration and support (engineering services)

  • IT infrastructure management (HW, IaaS)
  • Cloud infrastructure management (PaaS, SaaS)
  • Software tools management (OS, databases, Middleware, Cloud Orchestration, CI/CD)
  • Cybersecurity (integration, continuous auditing, hardening, penetration testing)
  • Trainings

Periodic reporting

  • Full information about monitored parameters (SLA/KPI)
  • Reliability estimates based on information on available resources
  • Service availability statistics
  • Recommendations regarding optimizations or upgrades of the platform used
  • Information about IT security breaches and policy non-conformances

Your benefits

Accelerated time-to-market for products / services provided to your customers

Better quality of your products / services

Increased productivity of your technical teams

Eliminating unnecessary human errors

Savings through resource and process optimization

Enhanced and easier application control and monitoring

Increased competitiveness of the organization on the market

Cost optimization through more efficient usage of the infrastructure