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In line with your needs and requirements, we will develop an application that takes full advantage of the latest cloud solutions. Solutions such as AI, ML, SL, Big Data, IoT, chatbots, etc. will perfectly complement your application or product. It is all about making you more visible in the marketplace and staying ahead of the competition. We will also take care of the maintenance of cloud applications.

To whom we address the service

Recipients of this service include all those who have experienced the following or similar situations.

  • You have a product that works well, but is written in a niche technology and would be worth rewriting because it’s too expensive to maintain.
  • You would like to upgrade your application by adding modern functionalities, but implementing them is impossible or too time-consuming in your current technology stack.
  • The application is not efficient enough, so customers stop using it in favor of a competitor’s product.
  • You want to create an innovative product in a short time without worrying about scalability, availability and performance.

These are just a few examples of problems faced by our clients. It also happens that some legacy applications cannot be moved to the cloud because of outdated technologies or excessive cost of adapting them to new standards (higher than creating them from scratch).

In that case, we recommend using a cloud-native application development service. Cloud-native technologies enable you to build applications that provide high scalability and performance as well as ease of implementation of advanced functionalities. With the help of containerization and microservices, loosely coupled systems are created that are easy to manage and monitor. A big plus is that changes can be made frequently and made available to customers with minimum effort.

Scope of our support

We will offer end-to-end support for the process of modernizing, rewriting, developing, and maintaining cloud-native applications. We will advise you on what such a change should look like. We will offer you expertise with regard to the possibilities delivered by cloud-native applications. Based on your requirements, we will select a cloud provider that best meets your needs. We will prepare an estimate of the cost of the entire operation and an indicative work schedule. Based on the prepared materials and received approval, we will proceed to implementation.


Your benefits

Ensuring high performance, scalability and availability of your services

Easiness of managing changes and adding new functionalities

Ability to use very advanced functionalities in a short time

Introducing changes quickly

Significant technological progress

Accelerated time-to-market for your products and services

Increased competitive advantage

Greater productivity of your technical teams

Low maintenance costs