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We will review and analyze legacy applications and services using embedded or cloud-based solutions for cost and technical optimization. Continuous improvement is integral to growing and getting the most out of the cloud.

To whom we address the service

Do you feel like you overpay for what you use or that some system isn’t as efficient as promised? Would you like to verify this and optimize it as much as possible?

This is where we can help. Just as any other area can be optimized to reduce costs or increase efficiency, so can cloud solutions. It is a relatively new area which, when used in the right way, can bring you great financial and technological benefits.

A common example of optimization is adjusting the hours of service to your needs, or adapting the performance to your application load. In other cases, it may be better to move your applications or services to another cloud that is better suited to your needs. We can help you solve these and other problems.

Scope of our support

Based on the materials you provide and conversations with persons responsible for specific areas, we will perform a detailed review of your current architecture. We will then prepare a document describing the benefits (both technological and financial) of optimizing particular areas, be it specific applications or the entire cloud environment. In the next step, we will develop a roadmap for the jointly selected areas, as well as a cost estimate and indicative schedule.

You can execute the roadmap using your own resources, or get support from our experienced professionals.


Your benefits

Reduced operating costs

Increased performance of applications and ensuring their proper scalability

Modernizing your infrastructure and adapting it to your needs

Optimizing the use of infrastructure according to traffic volumes

Choosing services that fit your organization

Increased team and organizational performance