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Cloud solutions involve using the service provider's IT resources, including their computing power, storage space and hardware platform. The service is available online and allows flexible use of resources from anywhere around the world.

This technology allows access to an environment that contains the components necessary to create and share applications in the cloud (PaaS). It is also possible to use the infrastructure as a service thanks to access to resources such as servers, storage space or network devices (IaaS). Users can also benefit from a full range of business application functionalities in the cloud (SaaS).

Scope of support

Launching a cloud service

The starting point for implementing a cloud solution is a discussion with the client and a strong understanding of business expectations. We develop an action plan together. We start with creating a project, then we create a platform tailored to the client's needs, configure it and integrate it with the tools supporting the operation with the client's current environment. The developed solution is based on a private, public or hybrid cloud.

A big improvement in operations is achieved thanks to the full automation of software development and the configuration of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools that allow this process to be carried out easily and non-invasively for developers. At this stage we can also help the client's organization to get acquainted with all aspects of the implemented changes and with the applied software development method — DevOps.

Operational support

  • We are responsible for the operation of all platform elements. We guarantee reliability and the highest performance. We offer 24/7 process support in the Managed Services model
  • Our goal is to ensure that the platform operates without errors. In the case of failure, we are able to quickly isolate the problem and perform all necessary corrective actions. We provide the first, second and third line of support
  • We are ready to implement changes resulting from the client's needs and the emergence of new business requirements
  • We conduct full monitoring of the platform and implement mechanisms responsible for controlling individual elements and a notification system based on smart rules. We also provide a convenient form of presenting monitoring results in the form of transparent dashboards

Transformation of business applications

We carry out the process of transferring applications from a traditional model to an architecture based on micro-services in a cloud-based environment. The process consists of three stages: audit, adaptation and transfer, and optimization.





Training and development

We conduct training for engineers, architects, tech leaders and managers. We create laboratories in which we develop a test version of the platform. We carry out research and development work aimed at developing the platform.





Technologies used

Public cloud platforms:

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services

Private cloud platforms:

OpenStack, Azure Stack, VMWare

Orchestration software:

Kubernetes, OpenShift

Container software:

Docker, DockerSwarm

Automation tools:

Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Google Cloud Deployment Manager

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools:

Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD

Platform monitoring and analytical tools:

Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix

Business benefits

  • Implementation costs optimization
  • Reduction of time needed to introduce a solution to the market
  • Efficient adaptation to changing market needs
  • High quality due to the use of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Reliability and high availability of business applications
  • Full data security

Technological benefits

  • Full optimization of operational processes
  • Operational stability of the platform
  • Efficiency of components used
  • Automation of software development process
  • Provision of technical support
  • Assurance of the right choice of technological direction

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