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We will develop a comprehensive cloud migration strategy, customized to your specific needs. We will categorize applications based on their ability to be moved to the cloud. We will choose proper cloud environment and determine relevant migration methods. Additionally, we will designate applications that should be either modified or completely rewritten from scratch. This will be accompanied by an implementation schedule. We will optimize the whole process in order to maximize the benefits for the organization, taking into account the costs of both cloud migration and cloud services used.

To whom we address the service

Are you at the beginning of your journey to the cloud? Are you planning to reduce your operational and infrastructure costs by moving some or all of your services to the cloud? Or maybe you are already using the cloud, and you are not sure that you are doing it right? We are here to help. No matter where you are on your path to the cloud, we can support you in moving to the next level of service quality by optimizing implementation costs, increasing availability and shortening time-to-market. By properly leveraging the cloud, we can optimize not only your costs but also those of your customers.



Cloud migration plan

Since there are a lot of different possible scenarios, the development of appropriate strategy for your organization is a unique process. Therefore, the copy-paste approach, i.e. using templates from some other company, is not feasible. There is a chance that simple Lift & Shift activities, i.e. moving applications from the on-premise servers to the cloud servers, may be sufficient. On the other hand, sometimes modifications or complete redesign of an application using native cloud-based components may be required (cloud-native application). We will also verify the optimal strategy for transferring data to the cloud. Choosing the right Lift & Shift, cloud-ready or cloud-native strategy significantly affects the implementation time of the new service, its customization costs and the monthly cost of operation, and additionally depends on the selected public cloud.

Scope of our support

As part of our engagement, we will develop a cloud migration plan, together with general assessment of organization’s readiness to move to the cloud. The deliverables will be prepared based on the infrastructure documentation and the way the application is used, as well as conversations with people responsible for the relevant domains. When developed, the plan can be implemented using your own resources and/or with the help of our experienced professionals.



Contents of the plan

Readiness level of your organization to migrate to the cloud

General assessment of your infrastructure

Information about the most suitable cloud that satisfies your requirements

Application categorization in terms of migration to the cloud

Strategy of data migration to the cloud

General steps that should be performed for each application in order to move it to the cloud

Maintaining a Disaster Recovery plan

Technologies used to perform the migration and in the final solution

High-level schedule of work showing the migration timeframe

Plan of migration costs and fixed fees for using the cloud services

Cloud exit strategy if you need to choose a different cloud provider or type of solution

Your benefits

Lower infrastructure maintenance costs

Savings through human resources optimization

Optimization of the infrastructure management process

Flexible use of infrastructure resources

Easy application changes and deployment on the server

Personalized approach of our experts to your specific needs

Data protection