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The Onwelo Cloud Competence Center responds to the dynamic development of cloud technologies and solutions, and to the exponential data growth. It is a center which brings together knowledge, experience and business feel for the cloud, where cloud enthusiasts educate future cloud enthusiasts and help them find their way around the big world of IT.

We invite you to join a cloud career development program. Participants can count on an original training program and work on real-world business projects!

The program step-by-step

  1. As part of the recruitment process, you will be invited to the Onwelo office to complete five tasks. Four of them will verify your IT technical knowledge while the last one will check your English skills. During this short test, you will be able to use the knowledge you have previously acquired, but also external materials (Internet, documentation, etc.).
  2. Two teams will be established to explore technical knowledge in the cloud area. One group will deal with Google Cloud solutions and the other will focus on Microsoft Azure.
  3. The first three months involve a solid dose of theoretical knowledge, attempts at acting independently, and tasks prepared by mentors. All this as part of preparation for the Google Cloud Associate and Azure Administrator Associate certifications. After this step, you may already join a team which implements a real-world project for a client.
  4. The next two months involve a lot of practical tasks which enable you to put all you have learnt into practice. The culmination of the effort is certification at the highest level: Google Professional Cloud Architect or Azure Solution Architect.
  5. Now you definitely embark on a journey of applying the solutions in practice. You receive your own project or are part of a bigger one. Together with the client and other team members, you design platform architecture, develop advanced solutions, and are responsible for their implementation.
  6. As the program graduate, you can participate in the next editions as a mentor or lecturer. You will support one or more participants in their development, learning and preparations for the certification.  

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Why is it worth it?

Flexible, proprietary program developed by practitioners who implement real projects on a daily basis. It helps us to unlock the participants’ potential and dynamically respond to changes in the broadly-defined cloud environment.

Clear rules and a clear path of progress and gratification. You know right from the start which steps you take within the program, what you have to do to move to the next level, and how your salary will evolve over time.

End-to-end learning environment, tools and technologies. Each participant has access to the Google Qwiklabs database, books and materials for practical tasks prepared by the program’s mentors, and the Cloud Guru platform (Linux Academy). Each participant receives their own project in the Google Cloud Platform.

It is possible to start working on real-world business projects very quickly. Already after three months, you can start dealing with the real needs of our clients.

Direct access to certified and experienced experts with wide knowledge in the area of Kubernetes / OpenShift orchestrators, cloud databases, networking, monitoring and data storage and analysis in Google, AWS and Azure clouds.

Rafał Głąb | Founder of OCCC and Executive Director

The two previous editions of the Cloud Competence Center show a very strong interest in such a development path. We have ten people on board who have gained certificates and are working as part of the Onwelo team, expanding their knowledge and skills. I think this edition will bring even more value for the participants thanks to the collaboration with such great partners as Google and Microsoft!

Patryk Koryga | Participant of the 1st edition of OCCC

I was motivated to participate in the program by the desire to improve my skills in the area of cloud technology. I hit the jackpot! In Cloud Competence Center, I can count on rapid development. I broaden my knowledge under the guidance of experienced specialists. In addition, I meet people with similar interests.
Mateusz Dzierzęcki | OCCC Mentor and DevOps Cloud Engineer

When developing a program for the participants of the Onwelo Cloud Competence Center, I focused on practical tasks. Drawing on my own experience with cloud solutions, I tried to share knowledge which will be as actionable as possible in future work.
Bartosz Burski | Participant of the 1st edition of OCCC

What I value most is access to training materials and good communication within the team, which facilitates knowledge sharing during preparations for the certification. More experienced colleagues from outside the program, who share their past and current cloud experience, are also a great help.

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