Project objective 

Providing authorisation test automation tools for Mastercard



Technologies, methods and tools

  • Python 3.6
  • Custom framework
  • Python modules, in particular based on support for Excel, TCP/IP communication, HTTP servers, various bank file formats
  • Agile


  • Providing a highly-skilled test team consisting of a test leader and automation testers
  • Project management and customer test support
  • Preparing the solution concept and architecture
  • Providing a flexible toolkit for test automation in several test areas (authorisation, accounts, performance)
  • Integrating current fragmented automation in the old technology into the new solution
  • Preparing solutions to handle the testing of large numbers of authorisations and batch files and the generation of large bank files simulating real data
  • Project progress reporting
  • Error correction


  • Building an end-to-end solution for test automation in a complex heterogeneous environment – from the conceptual phase through development and support
  • Providing a set of parameterizable, automated test tools, data generators and services for testers in each test area, together with execution reports and validation of expected results
  • Partial rewriting of automation from several areas to a new solution
  • Introducing the possibility to carry out, with a single command, the full e2e process including running the power of the servers, running the tests, collecting logs, performing validations and generating several types of bank files corresponding to the test transactions performed
  • Building many additional tools to support testers
  • Preparing tools for performance tests – both in terms of the number of transactions and the number and size of batch files
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of the tools built and development of new ones
  • Building on the resulting test tools for Mastercard customers for direct testing between test teams
  • Providing rapid user support and error repair
  • Preparing automation documentation and its maintenance when new functions are introduced


  • Increasing test coverage to validate at the level of all individual fields, in test sets consisting of several hundred authorisations in different currencies, for each configured financial institution 
  • Acceleration of regression from several weeks to a few days
  • The possibility to test everything at the end of the release, after finding bugs in the vendors’ software and providing fixes
  • Speeding up the daily work of testers by being able to run selected authorisations and automatically build the associated bank files (e.g. reducing the creation of settlement files from tens of minutes manually to a few seconds from logs)
  • Speeding up all test processes (daily, with customers and regression) by being able to prepare and run full e2e tests with a single command
  • Building services for the institution’s testers (Mastercard’s clients) to move from full manual support for client testing to a fully autonomous solution with minimal support – based on test automation and plugged into automated infrastructure processes, with autonomous exchange of test data and results


Mastercard Processing, the European branch of Mastercard located in Poland, needed a comprehensive solution for automating authorisation testing and measuring system performance for regression purposes, as well as preparing a set of tools to support the daily work of testers and analysts working with customers and on new implementations.


We have provided a highly-skilled test team consisting of a leader and two automation testers. We have handled the management of the entire project. We have provided flexible test automation tools: frameworks, generators, mock servers, data processors, validation and reporting tools and the construction of various types of bank files. User documentation has been provided and maintained throughout the project. User support, quick bug fixes and rapid introduction of new features were provided.


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