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As the value of information continues to grow, the solutions that count are the ones that help extract the essentials from your data resources. It is worth exploiting data in a way that delivers the correct strategy for your business, helps manage the firm effectively and optimises business processes.

The tools that help you uncover the value of your data are data warehouses, Business Intelligence solutions and advanced analytical solutions. Our broad software-creation and development capabilities represent a complete response to data-management and business analysis requirements.  

Sectoral applications

  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Industry and services
  • Energy

What do we offer?

system architecture
  • Company-data management, consulting, and system-architecture modelling

Business Intelligence systems
  • Business Intelligence systems: assessment, planning and implementation  

data warehouse and Data Lake
  • Construction and launch of data warehouses and data-lake repositories  

Our solutions

Data Integration & Cleansing

From data creation to knowledge sharing, this solution offers data-resource monitoring throughout processing, which increases the value of information at each stage of its life cycle


An automated platform for detecting abuses, which makes it possible to quickly acquire data from multiple sources for analysis and to deploy advanced statistical algorithms for classifying the employee and customer behaviour being examined


A system that specifies the likelihood that a client will leave a company or service provider. It is implemented based on statistical models, which in most cases employ algorithms such as: logistic regression, decision trees, naïve Bayes probabilistic classifiers and neural networks

Next Best Offer – Smart Sale

An intuitive and responsive recommendations engine, which analyses consumer behaviour at the pre-purchase stage of searching for a product

Mobile Business Intelligence

Offers interaction with all reporting and analytics content at the mobile-platform level. For users of smart phones and tablets

Revenue Assurance

Implementation of a solution that monitors company revenues and protects against financial losses by analysing organisational structure and IT processes

Sales Force Analytics

Supports networks of sales representatives by analysing sales trends at the overall and granular levels

Case Studies Business Intelligence

Dariusz Tarapata

Business Unit Director

Dariusz Tarapata Business Unit Director