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Sector by sector, blockchain technology is revolutionising business. Thanks to fully decentralised systems, blockchain guarantees unprecedented security with one-hundred-per-cent availability and reliability. It also ensures transparency of operations between network users.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a system that uses a global database and a distributed transaction ledger. This means that it is co-created and co-maintained by all of the network users, who each store accordant copies of the data.


Consistency and availability

This type of decentralisation guarantees transactional consistency and independence from the banking financial-flow cycle. This ensures one-hundred-per-cent network availability (Bitcoin, which was launched in 2009, has been in operation longer than any other network in the history of finance).

Real-time operations

The latest iteration of the network, version 3.0, makes it possible to propagate and confirm transactions in fractions of a second. This means that the global database is updated in real time, which makes it possible, for example, to send financial resources anywhere in the world at any time and to store information about microservices. Owners of these kinds of networks do not have to maintain an ICT infrastructure themselves.


The cryptographic aspect of this type of solution is also important. Transaction security is far greater than in classic information and telecommunications systems, and especially greater than in the classic systems that handle financial flows.


Blockchain is used mainly in the finance and energy sectors, as well as in trade. It is gaining ever greater popularity in medicine, industrial production, logistics, real estate and public services. The number of fields employing blockchain is rising all the time.

Scope of support

We provide data-processing services based on blockchain technology, which exploit the potential to create our own applications distributed on existing platforms and to create our own networks from scratch. We provide end-to-end support to business, which begins with needs analysis and includes design and build of solutions, implementation, tests and post-implementation support. We increase the value of products and services by taking advantage of one of the leading technologies on the IT market.

Technological benefits

  • Highest possible level of security
  • Full consistency of ledgers
  • Rapid detection of possible errors
  • Inbuilt, automatic defence against tampering
  • No need to maintain your own extensive infrastructure
  • Operations are conducted in real time

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Rafał Głąb IT Services Director