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Blockchain technology is disrupting more and more industries. It guarantees unprecedented security and 100% availability and reliability thanks to its fully decentralized system. It also ensures transparent operations between network users.


What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a system which uses a global database and a distributed transaction ledger. This means that the ledger is co-created and co-maintained by all network users, who store consistent copies of data.


Consistency and availability

This kind of decentralization guarantees transactional consistency and independence from the banking cash flow cycle. This makes it possible to ensure 100% network availability (Bitcoin is the longest-serving network in the history of finance, working uninterruptedly since 2009).

Real-time operations

With the latest network types (3.0) making it possible to propagate and confirm transactions in fractions of a second, the global database is updated in real time. This enables users to e.g. send funds globally and at any time, or store information about microservices. The owner of such a network does not have to maintain their own productive ICT infrastructure.


The cryptographic aspect of such solutions is also important. Transaction security is incomparably higher than in conventional ICT systems, especially in cash flow systems.


Blockchain is currently being used mainly in the financial sector, power industry and commerce. It is also gaining ground in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, real estate and the public sector. The number of areas using blockchain is constantly rising.

Scope of support

We deliver data services based on blockchain, exploiting its potential to create our own applications which are distributed using existing platforms, and also creating our own networks from scratch. We provide businesses with end-to-end support – from needs analysis, through solution development and implementation, to tests and post-deployment support. We increase the value of products and services based on a leading technology in the IT market.

Technology benefits

  • Highest possible level of security
  • Full consistency of ledgers
  • Possibility of identifying potential errors quickly
  • Embedded and automatic protection from tampering attempts
  • Eliminates the need to maintain own extensive infrastructure
  • Real-time operations

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Rafał Głąb IT Services Director