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We will help you choose which applications, data or services transferred to the cloud in a relatively short time will provide real technological or financial benefits, and then we will prepare a comprehensive plan for the migration of selected applications, data or services, taking into account the above aspects. Finally, we will help you complete the task.

To whom we address the service

Wondering how you can relatively easily accelerate your applications and optimize the use of the infrastructure needed to support them while reducing operating costs? Would you like to handle large data sets more efficiently? One way of doing it is adapting the application to the cloud by:

  • directly transferring the application from your infrastructure to the cloud, i.e. Lift & Shift in the IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • introducing a small modification (cloud-ready) to the application that enables its containerization and the use of services provided by a given cloud in the PaaS (Platform as a Service) model
  • significant application reengineering in order to leverage the full potential of the cloud (cloud-optimized)

This service is an extension of other services we offer, namely a cloud migration plan and preparing the organization for the cloud. It is addressed to companies that plan to migrate or have already migrated some of their services to the cloud and are focused on cost optimization and the introduction of reliable, proven and easy-to-use solutions.


Scope of our support

We will analyze your chosen areas for technological and financial optimization. With such an area selected, we will prepare an estimate of the cost of moving to the cloud and present the benefits – both technological and financial. We will determine what types of cloud services will be used (virtualization or managed services), and identify specific services with their metrics and pricing. We will create a detailed roadmap for migrating a specific area to the cloud and select a cloud provider (GCP, AWS, Azure) which best meets your needs – in terms of technology, licensing policy and migration tools. Technical documentation for the new cloud environment will also be prepared along with a work schedule.

Based on the prepared materials, you can start introducing changes using your own resources. You can also get support from our experienced professionals.



Your benefits

Better quality of your products / services

Reduced operating costs

Optimization of applications and ensuring their proper scalability

Ensuring adequate availability of your services to customers

Technological progress

Savings through human resources and infrastructure optimization