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If you are concerned about moving to the cloud for security reasons, we will advise you on how to approach this in the right way. We will also help you design a platform that will safely support your business applications and ensure fully secure communication. If you are already using the cloud, we will review your current solutions and analyze what could be improved to further enhance the security of your data.

To whom we address the service

Especially in recent years, ensuring adequate security has become a key aspect of software and infrastructure development. It receives more attention than ever. There are more and more obligations and regulations defining which data should be protected and how. The consequences of leaking sensitive customer data are also getting more and more serious. In some cases, losing data or making them public can be the end of an organization.

Therefore, this service is aimed at organizations which would like to migrate to the cloud but are concerned about its security, and to those that have already migrated and would like to evaluate their current security posture and increase it if possible.



Scope of our support

If you plan to migrate or are in the process of migrating to the cloud, we will offer you a consultation and prepare a roadmap. We will advise you on how to migrate with maximum security in mind.

If you have already completed migration, we will analyze and evaluate the security of elements chosen by you, such as applications, infrastructure, data centers, network, and even GDPR compliance.

Our reports will include a description of actions that can be taken to ensure an adequate level of security or increase it.

We will perform comprehensive security, penetration and performance tests to ensure proper system operation.



Your benefits

Evaluating your current security posture

Providing a high level of security meeting the required standards

Application of the best market practices