30 / 03 / 2021

RPA Academy for the third time

After the success of the RPA Academy twice, we announce the next edition of our three-month internship program.

30 / 03 / 2021

RPA Academy for the third time

We welcome business, computer science and technical students who have strong analytical skills and are fluent in English. Participating in internships can be a gateway to a career. Interns will have the opportunity to take on interesting professional challenges, gain access to modern tools and technologies including RPA, ML, NLP and more, and be part of a very positive team!

During the previous editions, the interns took part in vendor trainings of selected RPA technologies, learned the design approach we work according to at Onwelo, and got familiar with the documentation of the solutions we develop.

For some of them, participation in the internship ended up extending their cooperation and today they are members of our team.

“The power of Onwelo’s RPA Academy lies in its team. Before the internship, I had no knowledge of RPA. The team has proved very helpful and understanding during my quick technology learning process. I have very good memories from the internship. It resulted in continuing the cooperation with Onwelo and I am very happy with that, as the company enables me to develop on many professional levels” – says Kamil, Intelligent Automation Junior Specialist at Onwelo.

The interns also took part in mentoring sessions during which experienced team members shared their knowledge and experience with regard to industry-related matters as well as team cooperation and Onwelo’s organizational culture.

The internship at Onwelo was my career start. I learned process automation using a leading technology, and a business approach to projects. When gaining new technical knowledge, I could count on the help of the entire Intelligent Automation team – says Paulina, Intelligent Automation Junior Specialist at Onwelo.

The upcoming edition of the RPA Academy is an equally solid dose of knowledge and skills. During the three intensive months, the interns will be supervised by a group of four mentors. They will be: Wiktor Jackowiak, Joanna Hoffmann, Jan Domański and Patryk Sabbagh.

Upon completion of the internship, participants will be familiar with at least one RPA process automation tool, understand the process of building automation solutions and the process of building a bot. Interns will also be able to define client business needs and requirements. Completion of the internship will also include the opportunity to join the team in the role of Intelligent Automation Junior Specialist.

More information and an application form can be found on our website

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