15 / 05 / 2020

Onwelo’s support for organizations fighting against COVID-19

15 / 05 / 2020

Onwelo’s support for organizations fighting against COVID-19

We invite companies from all industries fighting against the pandemic to join the initiative. Not only the processes directly involved in fighting against COVID-19 can be automated, but also those that, once relieved, will free up resources which may enhance the activities to limit the spread of the virus.

As a part of the initiative, our specialists will first hold a workshop to introduce RPA technology and support the organization in obtaining it (as a free of charge feature). Then the Intelligent Automation team will analyze the submitted process, draw up its documentation, prepare automation, conduct tests, and carry out the implementation.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is aimed at supporting employees or taking over their work using a virtual bot. Implementing RPA is a perfect solution for automating repetitive tasks which process large volumes of data.

Areas where process automation can be successfully implemented include, among others, customer support, logistics, accounting, finance, HR, operations, management of sales network, IT department. Examples of such processes include e-mail support (complete with saving attachments), downloading data from various sources, loading data into applications, copying data between systems, verifying them by comparing different sources of information, as well as registration and processing of requests in any system.

Implementing RPA in an organization may help reduce costs by up to 75% and processing time by up to 80% as well as minimize error risk. Process automation also improves flexibility of the organization’s work and its performance (processing 24/7/365) as well as allows for full solution scalability.

Terms of participation

The applying organizations must enable consultations with process experts and provide access to the environment where automation is to be implemented. It is also necessary to provide access to Office suite, accounts in the applications used in the automated process, and VPN for remote connection. A prerequisite for participating in the initiative is consent for using the company’s name and logotype in Onwelo’s communication. For formal reasons, it will be necessary to pay a token charge of PLN 100 for the service provided.
The detailed scope of requirements will be provided to the selected organization after selection. Both parties will sign an agreement which will include all the relevant terms and conditions of cooperation.

Application and deadlines

To apply, please fill in the form and answer a few questions until midnight, June 30.

We will contact the organizations to discuss processes that can be automated.

The company will be selected based on Intelligent Automation team’s assessment of impact of automation of the discussed processes on improving the effectiveness of the fight against COVID-19.

The company to deploy the bot at will be selected by July 6. By July 13 at the latest the organization should be ready to start project works. Our goal is to undertake swift action to support the fight against the pandemic, which is why we would like to implement the solution as quickly as possible. The estimated project implementation time is 3 weeks.

For any questions, please contact Joanna Hoffmann, joanna.hoffmann@onwelo.com,+ 48 885 969 096.