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A fully functioning IT environment ensures continuous operation of business processes in companies and requires special attention. We provide our clients the ability to concentrate on the development of the company and we take full responsibility of the organization’s informatics infrastructure management.

Components of full IT outsourcing solutions

Service desk

Expert support in resolving ongoing problems concerning informatics infrastructures utilizing the following tools: Onwelo Ticketing System and Onwelo Monitoring Tools. Services are provided through channels such as: Client Service Portal, Instant Messaging, E-mail, and Telephone; in three languages: Polish, English and German


Monitoring of IT environments, event registration, their analysis and interpretation allows for intervention in case of threats

Cloud computing

Full virtualization of IT resources as well as their real-time use, without investing in infrastructure, without the need for purchasing licenses, installation of applications and system administration.


Implementation of server resources that maintain client internet applications. Secure area for effective functioning of the organization

Zarządzanie aplikacjami

Przejęcie zarządzania wszystkimi zasobami i procesami w ramach infrastruktury IT oraz rozwijanie ich wraz z rosnącymi potrzebami klienta

IT Infrastructure Management

Takeover of all IT infrastructure resources and processes as well as their development according to growing client needs.

Industry applications



Industry and services